The custom process

With more than ten years of custom work and thousands of garments created, Joy’s focus remains the personal connection to her clients.  

Each commissioned piece starts with a consultation, usually done in about an hour at the Joynoelle Boutique and Atelier in south Minneapolis. During the consultation the client shares her goals -- the event, how she wants to feel and look, and what fabrics she envisions. Joy will not recreate another designer's work but can use images from others as a starting point for aesthetic vision.

The next step is an in-person fabric draping. During this collaborative visit the client stands in front of a large mirror while Joy wraps and pins various fabrics. This process allows for both Joy and the client to give input into design direction. Various concepts will be worked through until a basic design takes form. This will be documented for future referral.

Fabric can be chosen from her in-house fabric selection or samples can be sent from several vendors. Clients can also choose to do a real-  time fabric consultation while Joy is on one of her fabric buying trip. To create the truly personal touch, many clients enjoy bringing in a special something from a loved one to be incorporated in the piece.

 The garment is constructed in steps, allowing for the inevitable tweaking as the design nears completion. The entire process may take up to six months depending on studio production and client availability although some out of town clients come for a several day/accelerated design process if this is planned in advance.

Cost for custom pieces reflect fabric, style, accents and embellishments, and starts at $2000.

Brian Bradshaw Photography