2018 collection presentation


While looking through books about space and the solar system with my son all I could think about was how nice it would be to go there, to go to those places and get off planet earth for a bit.

NASA images, space exploration footage and the feeling (or at least my imagination) of weightlessness are the driving inspirations of this collection. 

Saturday, May 19th 2018

Join me for one of two unconventional instillation-showing with models in an intimate, gallery setting. A formal presentation will occur. 

6:30pm to 8pm


8:30pm to 10pm

Space is limited

Sponsored by Lightbox Studio and Events

About joynoelle

Joynoelle is the signature line of Minneapolis based designer Joy Teiken. The Joynoelle ready-to-wear and bridal pieces are handmade and hand sewn in her south Minneapolis atelier. Every garment is individually cut, sewn and accented to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail that Joy expects.

A self-declared "lake-kid,” Joy attributes much of her creativity to spending childhood summers at her family cabin on Eagle Lake, Minnesota. Those months spent with no TV didn’t bother her and her brother: there was so much else to do and explore. The northern lake lifestyle continues for Joy today, now in the company of her son, Noel, and a big Golden Lab named Star. The lake still provides fun, inspiration and renewal.

In 1989 her mother, Jane, was dying of breast cancer. Responding to her predictable hair loss from chemo and the upcoming wedding of her brother, Joy fashioned a beret out of a vintage dress -- her first foray into the design world. Two weeks later she died, and today remains a guiding presence for Joy.

Before starting Joynoelle in 2003, Joy received her Masters in Art Education and taught high school art for many years. She was a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana, Africa from 1993 to 1996, where she learned that living simply and having a daily purpose is the surest route to happiness.

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Joynoelle Boutique and Atelier


312 West 42nd Street, Minneapolis, MN 55409, US

(612) 209-7822

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